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Good news on congestion

By: Dave Robbins
26 April 2013


Whilst you might find this hard to believe – the UK isn’t the most congested country in Europe. What’s more, over the past year we’ve all spent less time stuck in queuing traffic.

According to the Annual Traffic Scorecard, prepared by INRIX, congestion in the UK fell by 19% in 2012, placing us fifth in the European league table. Drivers in Germany, France and the Netherlands all fared worse. The congestion capital of Europe is Belgium.

On average, drivers in the UK spent 29 hours in traffic jams in 2012. Still not great, but spare a thought for Belgian drivers who spent 59 hours getting absolutely nowhere!

‘There has always been strong correlation between the state of the economy and the level of traffic congestion on our roads. It tells us if people are employed and driving to work, going out to eat or doing some shopping, as well as whether or not businesses are shipping products,’ said Bryan Mistele, CEO, INRIX. ‘Considering unemployment hit record highs in 2012 and European household wealth dropped 13.6% to $10.9 trillion it’s hardly surprising that traffic levels have dropped significantly.’


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