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For your eyes only?

By: Dave Robbins
20 May 2015

A physical scan of the paper counterpart is still the way 94% of employers are checking the licences of their drivers. That’s the conclusion of an FTA/DVLA working group who have been examining the likely aftermath of the abolition of the paper counterpart on 8th June.
Along with a reduction in red tape, one of the reasons behind the decision to get rid of the paper counterpart is that a move to online checking greatly improves security and efficiency. Physical checks are time consuming and open to failure through fraud and human error. So, with or without the paper counterpart, online checking makes sense.
However, the working party has an additional concern. They’re of the opinion that the online system being introduced by the DVLA this summer won’t meet the needs of transport operators who have to check their driving team’s licences several times a year.
David Wells of the FTA said: “Freight operators, which employ hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of professional drivers, have a legal obligation to check licences on a regular basis. We’re not convinced that the proposed online checking system will be robust enough to cope with industry demands.”
Fortunately there are a number of alternatives already out there on the market, one of which is Driver Hire’s ‘dh Licence Check’ service. An accredited driving licence verification service provider, Driver Hire launched the service in 2013. Recent enhancements have speeded up the procedure so that now, with the driver’s consent, an immediate check can be completed.
Commenting on these recent developments, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive Chris Chidley said: “‘dh Licence Check’ has already proved to be a popular service which clearly meets the needs of our customers. Its importance will become even more defined once the paper counterpart is withdrawn on 8th June 2015. We’re very much at the forefront of online licence checking which has obvious benefits for employers and drivers too. dh Licence Check is of course being adopted by our own nationwide network as part of our candidate recruitment process. We’re also demonstrating the service to clients who are quickly seeing the benefits of the service.”

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