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Drivers urged to speak up if they see a hazard

By: David Howells
16 April 2012

The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has urged those with driving jobs to speak up if they see an accident waiting to happen, reports.

Research by the FLTA suggested that around three-quarters of those who work in manufacturing have seen a hazard in the workplace that could prove to be dangerous.

Of the 250 people surveyed, three-quarters had noticed a potential hazard but many failed to speak up about it, as they believe they don't have the forum or experience to raise it effectively.

The survey - which quizzed fork lift truck drivers, frontline workers, managers and safety officers from 12 different companies - found that just one-third of those who had spotted problems reported them to the person in charge. This was true across even some of the more safety-conscious firms.

In light of the results, the FLTA has urged firms to take a closer look at their policy for reporting hazards and speak to their staff about what to do in case they see something they feel could turn out to be dangerous.

Speaking to about the results, FLTA's chief executive, David Ellison, explained: "The ugly secret behind most fork lift truck accidents is that someone is aware of the threat well in advance, but is either unwilling or feels unable to speak up.

"How can a workforce be encouraged to speak up about the dangers they spot? It is precisely this type of information that is so valuable to our Safe User Group members. Through research such as this... we endeavour to provide members with the knowledge and resources to improve worksite safety and prevent avoidable losses of life and serious injury."

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