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Disturbing news from Churchill

By: Dave Robbins
27 October 2016

During 2015, a disturbing 18 motorists a day were caught driving whilst banned. In total that adds up to 6,592 drivers over the year.

This is what a survey conducted by motor and general insurer, Churchill has revealed.

Over a ten year period over 150,000 drivers were caught. Looking at an average over that period, it suggests that numbers are reducing. Whether this means there are fewer drivers breaking the law – or fewer are being caught because there are fewer traffic cops to catch them – is a moot point.

Nevertheless it does mean that there are still a lot of people driving who shouldn’t be.

Going back to 2015, looking a little deeper into the figures, it seems that older drivers are the most likely to take the risk. Out of the 6,592, just short of 400 drivers aged 20 or under were prosecuted.

As far as punishments go, the average fine for driving whilst banned was £247 with 44% of banned drivers getting away with a fine of £50 or less. Just 27% were given an immediate custodial sentence.


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