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Crash delays add to pressure say drivers

By: Dave Robbins
12 March 2015

Commercial vehicle (CV) drivers often feel under pressure to make up time if they’re delayed by a road accident. That’s what a survey by Driver First Assist (DFA) has shown.

According to the survey results, 40% of drivers slowed down by an accident will try to make up for the lost time. Nearly a third said that the pressure was self inflicted. But 17% felt that there was pressure from their employer not to miss delivery deadlines. The survey also suggests that 47% of commercial drivers are held up by accidents at least once a month; 28% said they were delayed 3-5 times a month.

The organiser of the survey, Driver First Assist, is a non-profit making road safety initiative. It offers free training to CV drivers so they can administer basic and potentially life-saving roadside first aid. Commenting on the survey results, DFA founder Ian Higginbottom said:

“. . . better collision management in the first minutes after a crash can reduce road deaths and serious injuries as well as getting everybody away quicker.”

So what’s the view from the cab? David Copland is on the books at Driver Hire Bradford and has been a category C+E licence holder for over 20 years. “There’s no doubt that there are more hold-ups,” says David. “When the road is getting clogged or comes to a complete standstill, my approach is to contact the company I’m working for as soon as it's safe to do so, explain the situation and get their instructions on what to do. That way you take the pressure off yourself and leave the decision making up to them.”

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