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Collision avoidance tech should be mandatory, claims report

By: Ashley Curtis
19 April 2012

A new report has urged the mandatory inclusion of collision avoidance technologies on all buses and lorries. 

The 'Intelligent Transport Intelligent Society' report, published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, suggests the technology could help help make for safer driving for those in transport or logistics work, for example. It could also reduce the number of cyclist/pedestrian deaths.

One example of the technology, LATERAL SAFE, uses sensors to warn drivers of obstacles and accident risks - such as cyclists - in the proximity of the vehicle.

Cited by, the Institution claims that Heavy Good Vehicles make up five per cent of the traffic on Britain's roads yet cause 20 per cent of all fatal accidents involving cyclists. As a result, automated emergency response systems should be installed in all new road vehicles within the next two years, the report said.

Philippa Oldham, head of transport at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, commented on the technology on Oldham stated: "Cyclist deaths have risen by seven per cent in the past year, with about eight cyclists being killed or seriously injured daily on British roads.

"A number of these deaths could be prevented if technology to prevent driver 'blind spots' were made mandatory for all large vehicles. New intelligent transport technologies have the potential to save thousands of lives," she added.

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