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Winter tyre shortage warning for those in driving jobs

By: Laura Nineham
29 December 2010

It's becoming difficult for those in driving jobs to get hold of winter tyres because the demand has significantly outstripped supply and stockists aren't expecting any more to be delivered until next month.

According to What Car? the severe cold weather has sparked an unpredicted demand for winter tyres as driving conditions became treacherous for everyone, from those in driving jobs to people getting out and about at home.

Over 85 per cent of the firms that stock winter tyres reported that they don't expect more tyres to be delivered until next month, or even February, because motorists have been stocking up on winter tyres to ensure they can drive their cars.

A BMW spokesperson told What Car? that the increase in people buying winter tyres has been fuelled by an already existing demand, created by the colder weather earlier this year, which has increased as the weather turned cold again.

Despite the supply of winter tyres being low, explained a spokesman for Continental Tyres, retailers have actually had between 10 and 20 per cent more winter tyres in stock this year. However, the demand remains greater than any previous year.

The spokesman issued advice for drivers who can't secure winter tyres but still need to drive in the snow and ice. He said drivers can "maximise their safety by ensuring their tread depth is well in excess of the 1.6mm legal minimum, ensuring their pressures are at the right levels and the tyres are free from cuts and bulges".

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