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VOSA reports record rates for successful tests

By: William Hobson
17 November 2010

The Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) reports that first time test failure rates for PSVs and the HGVs used for logistics work in the UK have fallen to the lowest levels since records began in 1992.

Transport Engineer reports that the agency's 2009/10 statistics place the figure for first time test failure rates at 27.4%, marking the first time rates have dropped below 30%.

The figure represents a 5% drop in comparison with the result for 2008/09. VOSA believes that this is due in part to more focused logistics training around compliance with roadworthiness and safety standards, fuelled by what Transport Engineer refers to as its "innovative approach" to testing and developing closer links with the industry.

"I am really encouraged by these latest figures," comments VOSA chief executive, Alastair Peoples. "A higher first time pass rate shows that roadworthiness standards are improving. This means safer roads for everybody."

One of the initiatives introduced by VOSA over the past is the move to make performance reports available online. This allows commercial driving operators to manage their own compliance proactively and has reportedly been adopted by 47% of operators registered with VOSA.

Another beneficial area identified by Mr Peoples is the simplification of testing standards, reached after a series of discussions with industry bodies.

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