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Update sat nav's to avoid rage, drivers warned

By: Chris Taylor
05 October 2011

More than half of all GPS users experience "sat-nav rage" during their journeys, a new report has claimed.

Six out of 10 motorists admit to shouting, screaming and even swearing at their sat-nav devices in frustration because it gives them the wrong directions, loses signal, or fails to stick to the windscreen.

Over 2,000 motorists told the app developer Skobbler that their main source of anger centered around the fact that they followed the wrong route just because their sat-nav's "told them to".

It's vital that motorists keep their devices up-to-date to avoid getting lost, said Skobbler's Marcus Thielking. His advice is particularly pertinent for drivers that rely on driving for a living, such as those in logistics work.

"The sole purpose of any sat nav is to assist drivers in getting from A to B, safely and efficiently," he says, "and it appears that some sat navs are simply not living up to motorists' expectations.

"But it's not worth flying into a fit of rage if your sat nav leads you in the wrong direction. It's incredibly frustrating getting lost, but it's best to stay calm," he added, according to

Thielking also revealed on PC Advisor that 20 per cent of those polled believe that map updates are too expensive. Therefore more than half (51 per cent) of motorists don't bother updating them. It was even disclosed that one in ten (11 per cent) didn't even realise updating a sat-nav was possible.

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