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UK road safety at all-time high

By: Ashley Curtis
17 May 2011

The UK's roads have become safer than ever, with the all-time lowest amount of road-deaths found in 2010.

TRL, an independent transport research firm, cites a figure brought to light by Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Greig notes that only 2,222 road-related deaths were recorded last year, making it the lowest stats of all time in the UK.

The low figure for road deaths will reassure regular road users, like those involved in driver training, who may feel that erratic driving is making UK roads unsafe.

Greig reassures road users that the UK is one of the top countries for safety: "We're one of the top countries in the whole of the world for fewest road deaths."

He also told Caravan Club he anticipates the arrival of new road safety targets, similar to the targets of the 1990s: "In general terms things have been going quite well. The key issue at this very moment is we don't actually have a road safety strategy from the government."

"What we've had throughout the 1990s is a ten-year road safety strategy for whichever government was in power, setting targets. At the moment we have no targets for road safety for 2020," he added.

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