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Transport gets £30bn investment in Budget

By: Deborah Bates
25 March 2011

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that the government will invest £30 billion in transport, as part of his new Budget for Britain.

According to TRL, the money will be distributed among transport projects throughout the nation, it is thought, helping to tackle some of the worst affected areas in terms of road quality.

Osborne announced the move on Wednesday, revealing his Budget for the year to his peers in the House of Commons. Some £100 million from the investment will go to fixing Britain's increasing problem with potholes; which should please those working as drivers for a logistic consultancy, who face this problem every day.

The £100 million will be added to another £100 million investment of the same kind - which was announced back in February. The announcement of this previous investment prompted the transport secretary, Phillip Hammond, to comment: "I am determined to see the winter damage to our roads fixed as quickly as possible, and we will be working with councils to make sure that happens."

However despite the good news, eGov Monitor reported that the cash will allocated on an "exceptional basis," leaving the responsibility of maintaining local roads with each council in Britain.

Hammond made another statement regarding Osborne's most recent announcement, citing the "significant investment" made the coalition government and claiming it demonstrated "the government's commitment to maintain our infrastructure to support motorists and businesses."

In order to maintain transparency throughout the year, local highway authorities will make public their intentions for the extra investment. By September 30th, 2011, all local authorities will have published this information on their websites, allowing Brits to see exactly what areas in their local communities have been improved.

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