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Transport Minister hails impact of logistics industry

By: Joe Elvin
18 April 2011

Transport Minister Mike Penning has hailed the impact of the logistics industry on the economy and has pledged to support laws which will allow it to continue prospering.

Penning said that the return of the Commercial Vehicle Show was a good indicator of health of the logistics work market and stated he was keen to help operators by doing all that he could to introduce longer semi-trailers.

Speaking to, he said: "The road haulage industry is vital to the economy, making goods and services accessible across the country.''

"These proposals would allow haulage firms to use one larger truck, where previously they may have needed to send two vehicles."

Furthermore, Penning went on to say that the government was looking at ways to facilitate the introduction of the new emission standards, entitled Euro-6, effectively.

This is necessary as some manufacturers have concerns that the new vehicle length regulations might cause a rise in sales of vehicles that are only compliant with the old emission standards, Euro-5.

It was also revealed that the government would be strongly opposed to EU proposals for a four-metre trailer height limit.

The transport minister made an appearance at the 2011 CV Show in Birmingham, in order to award Van Excellence certificates of accreditations to a number of leading logistics companies. reported that the show's highlights included exciting new electric vehicles and low-emission powertrains.

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