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Today is "busiest day for breakdowns" says AA

By: Elizabeth Smythe
03 January 2012

Motorists across the UK are being warned to check over their vehicles today, in what has been hailed as the "busiest day for breakdowns", BBC News reports.

As people start returning back to work after the Christmas break, recovery service, Green Flag expects to be 50 per cent busier than usual. Meanwhile the AA is anticipating close to 16,000 call outs, predominantly due to non-starting. 

Where cars have not been used for prolonged periods over the festive period, motorists are being advised to check their battery prior to setting off.

Additionally, The Independent writes, use of heaters, windscreen wipers and de-misters also puts extra strain on batteries.

Those with driving jobs in the logistics industry too might like to heed this warning, also, ensuring that lorries are in top condition before setting off on long journeys.

Good news, however, is that the milder weather means there won't be quite so many breakdowns as there were last year; due to the ice and snow there were 18,000 AA call outs.

Commenting on the warning, AA spokesman, Keith Miller said: "The first working day back in January is almost always the busiest day of the year fir breakdowns.

"The issue is that many cars get left unused over the Christmas period, so come January, the battery is often flat."

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