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The average motorist will spend a lifetime speeding

By: Elizabeth Smythe
25 July 2011

New research reveals that the average British motorist will break the speed limit 18,165 times, according to The Mirror.

Working on the basis that the typical person will drive for 61 years, the survey by insurance comparison site found that motorists would not only speed behind the wheel, but will experience 18 near-misses.

They will also get lost 363 times and have 35 minor accidents, mostly due to not paying due care or attention when driving. It's little wonder that road safety charity Brake is calling for a 20 miles-per-hour limit in residential areas to protect children, especially now the summer holidays have started. 

It seems that general motor industry could take a leaf out of the logistics sector's books, where thousands of van and lorry drivers are undertaking mandatory CPC training - which will equip them with a qualification that demonstrates they are safe on the road.

The training refreshes basic road safety while highlighting hazard awareness, all in the name of accident prevention. In a few years, all logistics drivers will have to possess the accolade by law.

Concerned about the survey results, John Miles of told the Mail Online: "What is worrying is that motorists clearly aren't just driving in the car. On many occasions they are getting side-tracked by activities which should take place elsewhere - such as eating, applying make-up and checking the phone.

"It's okay to use your car as a home from home if you're stationary and parked - not stuck in traffic - but if you're in the middle of a journey, your mind should be on your driving, not juggling a hot coffee and a mobile phone."

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