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Take-up of warehouse space in Britain doubled in 2010

By: Deborah Bates
30 March 2011

The take-up of warehouse space in Britain doubled in 2010, when compared to the amount procured in 2009.

That's according to a recent report regarding the European logistics and industrial sector, cited on Logistics Manager.

It found that for warehouse space located in Britain and that measured over 100,000 square feet or more, the demand was twice as great as it had been in 2009; providing promising news for the sector.

According to one of the experts behind the research, Jon Sleeman, the figures seen in 2009 were actually very low: "While take-up generally rose last year, this was from a very low base in 2009."

"In addition, some of the demand last year was driven by opportunistic deals, with occupiers taking advantage of very competitive terms to acquire new facilities, or to renegotiate leases on existing ones."

The news could prove useful for those looking for logistics work; for as companies expand, they may proclaim: "Drivers wanted!" to increase their head count.

In addition to expanding, recent news confirmed that logistic companies are also changing another part of their operations; the recording and reporting of carbon emissions made.

According to, it is hoped that a scheme asking logistics companies to record and report the emissions from their vans and HGVs would help bring the emissions down by eight percent, over the next four years.

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