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Sunday drivers annoy 60 per cent of motorists

By: Elizabeth Smythe
20 July 2011

Slow drivers should be treated - and punished - in the same way as speeding motorists, a report claims.

A poll carried out by online car insurance comparison site,, found that nearly a third of motorists have had a "near miss" caused by someone driving too slowly.

This is usually as a result of trying to overtake them, according to the Mail Online.

In 2009, approximately 143 accidents were caused by "dawdling people paying no attention to vehicles behind them."

This is a source of huge irritation to other road users; such as those in logistics work, commuters and taxi drivers. In fact, six out of ten respondents said getting caught behind a slow driver caused their stress levels to rise and tempted them to illegally undertake, risking an accident.

Consequently, more than half of the motorists polled said they wanted speed - or slow - cameras to catch and penalise so-called 'Sunday drivers'.

It has also been suggested that a minimum speed limit be set on UK roads. The reports notes that "although minimum speed limits are enforced on some UK motorways, there are few preventative measures that are widely used."

Speaking about the report, Peter Rodger of the Institute of Advanced Motorists lent his support for a slow camera. He told The Mirror: "Drivers who are unnecessarily, excessively slow lead others to make rash moves." 

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