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South East becoming a perilous drive thanks to traffic

By: Ashley Curtis
24 June 2011

Truckers out on driving work are being urged to drive with caution through the South East of England due to an increasing amount of roadworks in the area, reports Crawley Observer.

A new study, conducted by insurance firm MORE TH>N, found that a massive 80 per cent of drivers, whether they are behind the wheel of a MINI or a logistics truck, encountered roadworks or road disruption throughout their daily route.

As 69 per cent of people believe they have been late for work thanks to roadworks, nearly half have decided that roadworks are continuing to rise in the region. As such, notes that lorry drivers are beginning to leave 60 minutes earlier than their intended to avoid congestion.

Worryingly, this is pushing motorists into taking risks on the road in order to arrive at work on time. Almost a quarter of the south east's drivers have broken the speed limit and 13 per cent have admitted to suffering from road rage because of the perils of traffic.

Pete Markey, head of insurance at MORE TH>N, has warned drivers of all vehicles to stay safe despite road disruptions: "While roadworks are necessary and beneficial to motorists in the long term, the additional time spent in the car means stress levels across the south east are increasing. This, in turn, can lead to poor driving and, ultimately, accidents.

"Fuel prices also remain high and roadworks mean people have to spend even greater sums on petrol, with 64 per cent of commuters incurring extra expense on a weekly basis as a result of getting caught in roadworks," he added.

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