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Small potholes no longer to be repaired immediately

By: Elizabeth Smythe
08 August 2011

Financial concerns have forced the Highways Agency to redefine its rules on potholes, reports

Bad news for those with logistics or driving jobs, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Where previously, contractors would be dispensed to fill any road surface defects within 24 hours, to ensure "roads gave an even, comfortable and quiet ride," soon, any defect smaller than a soup bowl will not be top priority.

The reason for the change is to cut the cost of road maintenance by 20 per cent and to ask contractors to find other ways to make repairs. Each job currently costs in the region of £270.

However, insurance costs due to damage caused by road defects, adds up to £413 million every year.

Applying to motorways and trunk roads, the new classification means that only potholes deeper than four centimetres and wider than 15 centimetres need to be repaired straight away.

The changes are being trialled in the West Country, according to the Mail Online, and will be rolled out to the rest of the UK by 2015.

However, the news has not been warmly received by those in the industry, unsurprisingly.

The proposed changes were hailed "dangerous and irresponsible" by Nigel Humphries of the Association of British Drivers. He said: "A pothole which is four centimetres deep is an awfully big holes and with lorries rumbling over the top of them, it will not take long for them to expand rapidly.

"This could cause drivers to lose control."

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