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Severn crossing tolls to rise next year

By: Joseph Jeffries
12 November 2010

Motorists will have to pay more to use the two Severn river crossings into Wales from next year, after MPs revealed details of inflation-related toll rises.

According to BBC News, the toll for car drivers will rise to £5.70 - an increase of 20p on the current price. Van drivers meanwhile will have to fork out an extra 60p, with the toll rising to £11.50.

Lorry drivers face the biggest toll increase, with crossing prices jumping 80p to £17.20. This is likely to have a major impact on logistics companies, many of which already spend thousands of pounds on tolls every year.

Transport Minister Mike Penning announced the new prices at the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, where he also confirmed plans to negotiate with the crossings' owner over introducing technology to reduce traffic jams at toll booths.

Many drivers wanted to see a 'free-flow' system put in place on the Severn bridges, but AA president Edmund King said they would not have wanted this to come at the cost of increased tolls.

"Whilst welcoming the Government's intentions to try to introduce 'free-flow technology' for tolls at the Severn Bridge, motorists will be fed up at yet another toll increase," MSN Cars quoted Mr King as saying.

"Many drivers needing to go to Wales have to use the bridge unless they drive miles out of their way to avoid it."

"It is somewhat ironic at a time when tolls in Scotland are being scrapped, the tolls on the Severn Bridge into Wales and Dartford Crossing in England are being increased. Yet again, the motorist has to pay a heavy price for mobility," he added.

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