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Sensors to be fitted in HGVs

By: Elizabeth Smythe
20 May 2011

The government is calling for blind spot sensors on HGVs to warn of cyclists, reports BBC News.

Those in haulage and logistics work may find soon that all lorries need to be fitted with the devices, after Sir Alan Beith MP told the Commons that sensors should be mandatory.

As part of the Road Safety Bill, Sir Alan wants to promote the use of sensors and better mirrors to prevent injuries and accidents caused when cyclists ride into a lorry's blind spot.

Sir Alan told MPs: "It is a problem which is particularly acute in city traffic, especially at junctions.''

"It is a problem that is likely to increase as cycling becomes ever more popular as a means of getting to work in urban areas, and for leisure, and as lorries get bigger."

The proposal comes after Sir Alan was contacted by the family of Eilidh Cairns, who was killed in a lorry accident in London. The family are leading a campaign for improved European legislation on sensors.

Although a previous suggestion was made by transport secretary, Philip Hammond, it asked that sensors be fitted on a voluntary basis and, campaigners say, did not go far enough.

MPs of all parties are said to be backing the plans, according to The Independent.

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