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Scottish logistics call on future parliament for support

By: Chris Taylor
27 April 2011

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK (CILT) are calling on the future Scottish government to address concerns raised by those in the logistics industry, Handy Shipping Guide reports.

Central to their concerns is the lack of uniformity across the sector with regards to quality control. CILT argues that there are too many standards across different transport mediums; this includes regulation and funding.

The body, who represent all those involved in logistics work, also says that there needs to be more commitment to stabilising the rocketing fuel prices.

A spokesperson commented: "Each time the fuel price goes up so does the tax, so the impacts on transport are more extreme than for other fuel users. Scotland cannot rely on price stabilisation schemes that are designed for densely populated parts of the UK."

Transport innovation and grants to support the rail network and ferry ports are also being called for. CILT says that the logistics sector is an investment for the nation, and that it will support future public finances.

"Transport pays far more in tax than it gets back in public investment, so growth in the transport sector is good not just for transport but for the state of the public finances," continued the spokesperson. 

"Scotland as a peripheral nation is critically dependent on growth in the transport sector for overall economic growth."

No matter what the outcome of the Scottish Parliamentary elections, CILT insist that maintenance work needs to continue in the short term in order to support the current infrastructure of the country.

The Scottish parliamentary elections take place on 5th May, at the same time as the National Assembly for Wales, Northern Ireland and English local elections.

According to BBC News, party leaders are debating today in Scotland on topics such as jobs, prisons and renewable energy. When televised debates are aired on May 1st, it is likely logistics and infrastructure will also be discussed.

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