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Scotland lashed by hurricane's dying gales

By: Chris Taylor
12 September 2011

The Met Office says Scotland should "be prepared" for extreme gales today as the remnants of a potentially devastating hurricane are set to batter the nation.

Gusts of up to 70mph are expected to be felt in the central western band of the country from around mid-to-late afternoon. Scottish hauliers unfortunate enough to be taking their CPC training today are among the many motorists that should be braced for severe gales, said the Met.

"The public should be prepared for the risk of disruption to transport and of the possibility of damage to trees and structures," said a spokesperson, reports BBC News.

Northern Ireland and parts of northern England are also warned to be braced for a "classic wintertime storm."

Hurricane Katia, a category four (out of five) hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, gave grave concern to US forecasters last week as it flirted with the country's eastern coastline. Fortunately the path of the tropical storm kept it away from causing any damage to cities and infrastructure.

Rain will also be an issue for the UK this week, with some regions being warned of localised flooding, said Billy Payne, forecaster for MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association.

"There will be quite a lot of rain, perhaps heavy outbreaks over the next couple of days," he told "The heavy rain will be mostly confined to the north and west of Scotland today and tomorrow. There is a risk of some flooding in north-west Scotland with the high rainfall totals."

The Met Office have issued an amber weather warning for the UK. This states that the public should "be prepared" for extreme weather. It is just one step below its red indicator, which means, "take action".

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