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Safety checks improved by Essex police

By: Deborah Bates
16 March 2011

The safety checks undertaken on lorry drivers travelling through Essex are to be improved, particularly at night time.

That's according to BBC News, which reported that the checks are usually facilitated by the local police force; in a bid to ensure the safety of lorry drivers and other road users.

Police generally check how tired drivers are, as almost half of serious crashes found on Essex's M25 were caused by drivers generally who were tired or had been drinking.

Recently, two lorries had clamps fitted as their drivers were over-tired. The incident took place in Thurrock, Essex, and ensured that the drivers took the appropriate rest before freeing their vehicles.

It's a positive move; both in terms of protecting the health and safety of those in logistics work, and the safety of their motoring counterparts.

One spokesperson for the local police force, casualty reduction manager Adam Pipe, spoke to the Saffron Walder Reporter about the news.

Pipe confirmed the details of the move: "We will be carrying out night operations on a regular basis to reduce the number of drivers who are...tampering with their tachographs to work...longer hours than they should."

Regulations currently state that lorry and heavy-goods drivers should be taking at least a 45-minute break after every 4 hours and 30 minutes spent driving. It can be taken across two rest stops; such as one lasting 30 minutes, and the second lasting 15.

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