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Roads will be safer if Cameron's plans go ahead

By: Deborah Bates
11 July 2011

The roads may be safer for those in logistics work if David Cameron's new plans to penalise dangerous drivers more effectively are implemented.

According to The Bolton News, the Prime Minister has hopes of making penalties for dangerous drivers tougher.

At present, drivers who injure another seriously by being dangerous on the roads could only face two years in jail - even if the victim is left with brain damage or paralysed.

As such, Cameron said there had been issues with current penalty guidelines: "I do believe there is a problem when there is a high sentence, rightly, for causing death by dangerous driving,

"In our Sentencing Reform Bill we are looking at this issue and we hope to make some progress."

Many have welcomed his comments, including Bolton MP, Jule Hilling. She said: "It is vital that sentences reflect the severity of the crime. I am very pleased that the Prime Minister has indicated that he will look again at sentencing."

However it may be a while before the roads become safer and sentences are extended, as revealed that there has been a second postponement to the Sentencing Reform Bill's launch.

It is thought by postponing the implementation of the bill, politicians will be able to re-evaluate the changes put forward in partnership with justice ministers.

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