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Roads in north-east England voted worst in Britain

By: Laura Nineham
20 January 2011

Blackpool's roads have been voted the worst in Britain, according to a survey by the AA.

It's bad news for anyone working driving jobs in the North East, as they face routes covered with potholes, damaged kerbs, inspection covers, road repairs, bad signs and worn markings.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the AA asked its members to report the frequency of 12 categories of sources of annoyance for motorists that they encounter, and Blackpool came out worse.

"Our street survey is perhaps an example of the Big Society in action," said AA president Edmund King. "We shall share the results with local highway authorities to support our campaign for more investment in local streets and paths."

He added: "Our researchers believe that potholes were the most serious issue they encountered and this pothole plague will get worse as the winter progresses."

Elsewhere, Oldham in Greater Manchester and Dartford in Kent were judged to have poor roads, with Taunton in Somerset, Ipswich and the Berwick and Borders region of Scotland faring the best.

Roads in Northern Ireland were considered to be the worst for kerbs, roadworks, road signs, road markings and dog mess. In general, streets in Wales were voted the best, and those in north-East England won the title of the worst.

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