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Road safety improved through better behaviour

By: Elizabeth Smythe
09 August 2011

A survey has found that good behaviour behind the wheel has contributed towards a "dramatic improvement" in road safety, according to the Transport Research Library.

Research taken for the Sainsbury's Car Insurance Driver Behaviour Index has revealed that motorists are acting more responsibly when driving, with the number of people using their mobile phone while "in control of a vehicle" falling from 11 per cent to six per cent in the last year.

Additionally, the number of people who admitted to using their phones for sending and reading text messages has dropped to four per cent.

Those in the logistics and driving industries, currently taking CPC training, will already be aware of effects that irresponsible actions can lead to. Using a mobile phone, for example, causes a reaction time that is 50 per cent slower than usual.  

Commenting on the findings, Ben Tyte, head of Sainsbury's Car Insurance said to "It is fantastic to see that driver behaviour on our roads is improving. Campaigns such as the government's hard-hitting Think! activity has had a real impact on driver behaviour."

One of the biggest achievements of the Think! campaign, designed to alert motorists of the dangers of driving carelessly, has been a reduction in the amount of people who said they drove while feeling tired. This had been reduced by ten per cent.

There has also been a significant reduction in the occurrence of aggressive driving, with just two per cent of respondents claiming they exhibit road rage.

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