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Radio show unites HGV drivers

By: Deborah Bates
22 June 2011

A radio show broadcast on Welsh station Radio Cymru has united HGV drivers throughout Wales.

What started as a simple competition for those in transport and logistics work has turned into a regular feature entitled 'The Lorry Boys'; broadcast each Wednesday at 2pm, according to

It attracts hundreds of drivers each week, and according to its presenter, Geraint Lloyd, the show gives drivers a chance to swap stories with each other about being on the road.

He told "The radio item started by chance. We realised we had so many lorry drivers listening and contacting the programme.

"Each has a colourful personality, interest, experiences and interesting stories to tell about their time on the road. Each week, the drivers exchange messages and do some leg-pulling via the radio, and that draws them together."

It's perhaps no surprise to those in the know that the lorry drivers enjoy chatting to one another, as Owain Llr - an author with an interest in lorry drivers - said the drivers all have one thing in common: a love of vehicles.

He claimed: "One thing that's common to them all is that they all have an interest in motors - anything with wheels - in their spare time.

"Many had made up their minds at a young age to become lorry drivers, so in a way, they're realising their dream.

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