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Protesters target Parliament in fuel row

By: Richard Towey
07 March 2012

Protesters have flocked to 10 Downing Street and its surrounding areas in an attempt to persuade Chancellor George Osborne to lower motoring taxes.

The march, organised by FairFuelUK through their website- - comes after a new increase in fuel prices was implemented earlier this week, causing the average petrol price to rise to 137.79p, a record high.

The price hike is bound to affect regular commuters and people with driving jobs, with the crowd gathered largely made up of those affected by the increase. 

A lobby will take place early afternoon on March 7, following the delivery of a report from the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR) to Downing Street.

TV presenter and spokesman for FairFuel, Quentin Wilson explained why they were protesting, telling of the report's importance to their mission.

Talking to on location, Wilson said: "We have shared the findings of the report with MP's and ministers. However, with only weeks to go to the budget, we are concerned that the government is not listening and not taking on board the significance of these findings."

"For months, the government has been wheeling out the same old argument that it can't afford to cut duty. Here is concrete evidence that it can make such a cut.. This research shows that a cut in fuel duty won't cost the treasury a penny. It can cut duty and do any of the other options if it so wishes." 

Supermarkets Tesco and Morrisons made headlines last week, by reducing their prices-per-litre by 10p and 15p respectively.

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