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Professional drivers urged to take breaks

By: Deborah Bates
18 July 2011

Drivers working for a logistics consultancy or any other firm should be taking regular breaks in order to avoid dropping off at the wheel.

That's the advice from the Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership, whose recent findings proved that even falling asleep for a few seconds can prove dangerous or fatal.

A spokesperson for the partnership, chairman Mike Ashworth, confirmed this in the Matlock Mercury. He revealed that one in eight drivers fell asleep instantaneously whilst driving during the last year.

Ashworth added: "These drivers only nodded off for a few seconds but that's still long enough to cause a fatal crash.

"Crashes caused by tiredness often involve one vehicle smashing into another or leaving the road altogether. Impacts often occur at a high speed because the sleepy driver brakes too late or not at all."

In order to avoid any fatalities, drivers should follow the partnership's advice - don't drive when tired. Furthermore, drivers should take regular naps and also stop their journey at the first signs of drowsiness.

Ashworth wasn't the only one to speak out regarding the dangers of driving tired; as the experts at said that driving when feeling drowsy is "equally dangerous" to driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

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