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Poll names UK motorists 'third safest in EU'

By: William Hobson
11 November 2010

The efficiency of logistics work can be affected by a number of factors but the biggest is inarguably the presence and behaviour of the many other motorists on the road. Lacking anything but the most basic driver training, the average motorist's daily commute and personal use of their car has a knock-on effect on commercial driving work by causing traffic jams, accidents and general delays.

However according to a new poll released by Goodyear Dunlop, drivers in the UK are among some of the safest in the European Union.

Whilst many British drivers are unaware of vital details such as how to tell the difference between tyre types (71%), what benefits they offer in terms of grip (42%) or even what type is currently fitted to their vehicles (62%), the UK's motorists still placed just behind Germany and Sweden as the safest in the EU.

The lack of familiarity and expertise with their vehicle's tyres was not an exclusively British concern however. According to the survey across Europe only 59% of drivers check their tyre pressure regularly and 33% admit they would continue to drive normally on worn out tyres.

Tom Delforge, director of communications for Goodyear Dunlop's EMEA department, said the survey "reveals some of the worrying driving practices we all need to address to make our roads safer places."

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