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Petrol could hit £1.25p a litre, making driver training more important

By: Laura Nineham
25 October 2010

Motorists were warned last week that the fuel crisis in France is likely to drive up the cost of fuel in Britain.

As reported by The Daily Star, petrol could hit £1.25 a litre in the coming weeks and the cost could rise in the New Year.

Robert Matthams, who runs a delivery business, said: "These increases are dangerous... Filling up a lorry with diesel now costs around £300 - and that cost is being passed onto customers. We are already seeing a 5 per cent increase in delivery costs."

The warnings come after the fuel crisis in France forced retailers to buy petrol from overseas, increasing the cost of fuel in north-west Europe by 13 per cent.

However, Road Transport reported at the same time that efficient driver training can reduce the amount of fuel a vehicle consumes, in turn helping to reduce the increased costs that could be seen.

Road Transport reports that despite the scrapping of plans to make eco driving a compulsory element of Driver CPC, it's still an important skill and businesses should elect to provide this where relevant. It also claims that the Department for Transport will support industry-led initiatives to reduce fuel consumption which includes efficient driver training schemes and moves to make fleet vehicles more energy efficient.

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