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Panic button invented to improve hauliers' safety

By: Joe Elvin
22 August 2011

Individuals in driving jobs are set to benefit from a new personal emergency service.

The panic button - designed by Skyguard - is aimed at helping hauliers facing an emergency in a foreign country and allows them instant access to support at the touch of a button.

It works via a tiny key fob and a GPS system small enough to be attached to a belt or set of car keys. It is likely to improve the safety measures offered to anyone in driving work. The service has launched in 35 European countries including the UK, whilst plans are also being made to spread it outside of the continent.

Speaking to, Skyguard International's chief executive, James Murray, claimed that the invention would revolutionise the logistics industry worldwide.

He said: "I travel frequently for work assignments to countries where I'm not familiar with the language or destination. I wondered what I, or anyone else would do, if they ended up in a difficult situation that required immediate emergency assistance.

"That's why we developed Skyguard International - to give people peace of mind, knowing their location is exactly pinpointed and they can communicate immediately in English."

Recent statistics would suggest there is a real need for the innovation, as according to, almost 20,000 Brits have needed assistance from the emergency services whilst abroad during the past 12 months.

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