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Online retailers expect growth in 2011

By: Deborah Bates
20 January 2011

77 per cent of online retailers within the UK have predicted their revenue will grow in 2011, potentially providing a steady stream of driving work for skilled logistics professionals.

That's the result of an independent survey undertaken by CyberSource, which showed a positive outlook for the logistics industry in the coming months as only two per cent of British merchants expect a decline in sales.

This optimism could be partly down to 60 per cent of UK merchants branching out overseas, according to My Hermes, as this will provide them with increased scope to sell. It is thought that America will prove to be a particular hotspot for UK sales, due to the similar language used and the online buying culture of both nations.

"Expanding into new geographies can be very attractive from a revenue perspective," said the co-author behind the research, Dr Akif Khan, on

"Merchants have demonstrated confidence in the ability of the online channel to deliver for them in 2011," he added; but warned online retailers to invest in fraud prevention techniques ahead of their growth, as in 2010, 1.9 of all orders later proved to be fraudulent.

Khan continued: "As organisations look to drive more online revenue, it is vital that they address any vulnerabilities to protect themselves from fraud. With the majority of merchants not allocating any additional budget to manage the issue, businesses should focus on designing sustainable strategies that not only reduce fraud losses, but streamline the entire process."

"Improving automated detection and bolstering case management can help reduce the inefficiencies and enable merchants to make more accurate decisions."



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