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On the spot fines to be issued to careless drivers

By: Elizabeth Smythe
11 May 2011

Reckless drivers could soon face on the spot fines under plans announced by the Department for Transport, reports The Telegraph.

In a move to address motoring incompetence, the government will be giving greater power to the police to enforce road safety, rather than take cases through British courts.

New rules will include allowing the police to issue instant £100 fines to those who drive carelessly, which encompasses tailgating, overtaking on the inside and cutting up other drivers. Offenders will also receive three points on their licence.

A crackdown on drug driving and a revision of drink driving rules are planned, including the abolition of the loophole which allows suspected drink drivers to request a blood, rather than breath test.

Extreme cases will result in disqualification and motorists will be required to take a driver training course, possibly retaking their driving test, before their licence is reinstated.

Ministers insist, according to BBC News, that the new rules will be put in place to target genuinely dangerous drivers, not those who usually follow road safety rules yet have the occasional lapse, though training will be offered to support them.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond is likely to issue written proposals to MPs today in the hope that new strategy will be implemented in 2012.

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