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Olympic Games could spark increase in night-time deliveries

By: Joe Elvin
19 May 2011

The increase of night-time deliveries during the London Olympics could spark major changes in the logistics industry, claim the Freight Transport Association (FTA.)

The FTA have been working closely with The Noise Abatement Society in order to develop night-time delivery techniques that will allow those in driving jobs to deliver goods late at night during the 2012 Games.  

Head of policy Natalie Chapman stated that she expects the whole logistics industry to embrace the benefits of night-time delivery if these techniques proved successful.

Speaking to, she said: "The benefits of night-time deliveries are proven and irresistible. Why waste time and money sitting in traffic when you don't need to?

"Following extensive trials with Sainsbury's and our work with the Noise Abatement Society, we know that night-time deliveries don't have to mean disturbance for local residents."

A source from explains that logistics companies are currently restricted from delivering in the early hours of the morning due to planning and noise abatement reasons but these can be sidestepped using the techniques currently being developed by the FTA.

The increase of night-time delivery will not only help logistics companies cope better with the massive workload placed by Olympic officials but will also be far more cost-efficient and help improve the economy. 

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