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Norbert Dentressangle sees margins soar

By: David Howells
01 September 2011

Logistics giant Norbert Dentressangle could soon be hiring drivers as it reported a rise in both sales and earnings.

Figures for the first half of 2011 show that the firm saw a rise in EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation) of 25 per cent to a total of 123.7 million Euros.

Elsewhere, the firm also saw a rise of 22 per cent in sales to 1.7 billion Euros.

The growth has been put down - in part - to the consolidation of Norbert Dentressangle (ND) and TDG in April, as well as the firm's purchase of Chinese firm APC Beijing International more recently. Following the consolidation of ND and TDG, transport sales rose by 17.7 per cent on a published base, resulting in a figure of 8.1 per cent for like-for-like.

Speaking to of the figures, ND's chief executive. Francois Bertreau. suggested that the first half of 2011 was "satisfactory" for ND.

"We maintained strong growth momentum both internally and externally with the integration of TDG [and] profitability grew for all our activities, with significant improvement made by businesses in our historical scope of consolidation."

Adding, Bertreau told "With the acquisition of China-based APC Beijing International, we continue to invest in our new freight forwarding activity, which now has attained significant size in its market."

He concluded by stating that the company will "remain watchful" of the fluctuations in its clients' business activity; allowing it to adapt as necessary. 

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