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Night-time delivery trials hailed as a success

By: Joe Elvin
29 June 2011

The relaxation of night-time delivery laws is a step closer to fruition following successful trials of new haulage methods.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) and The Noise Abatement Society (NAS) have been working together to prove that night-time deliveries can be completed without disturbing local residents.

Many logistics companies are keen to see these laws relaxed in order to help reduce their vehicle's fuel economy and journey times and to improve flexibility for those in driving jobs.

Materials Handling World Magazine report that these ambitions could reality following six trials of night-time deliveries to retailers around the UK.

Four of the six trials were successfully completed, whilst two were halted because of planning restrictions beyond the group's control. 

Two of the successful deliveries received no complains from nearby residents, whilst the nominal complaints received during the other two were eased with swift remedial action.

All of the trials were completed using noise monitoring equipment, a driver charter and an extensive site assessment to assure that as little noise as possible was being made.

A source from urged retailers to contact their local authority about relaxing their night-time delivery laws.

It read: "The retailers that want out of hours deliveries will be required to work in close cooperation with the Local Authority to agree the conditions under which the authority would be prepared to relax the curfews.

"The retailer will also bear any costs required to make the necessary changes, such as buying new quieter products, improving delivery yards and training staff."

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