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New transport plan for Portsmouth roads

By: Ashley Curtis
08 April 2011

Portsmouth City Council has set out a £20m transport plan in order to improve roads and traffic locations in the area, reports

The multi-million pound, 20-project wishlist is set to start in the next 12 months and is hoped to cut carbon, encourage business growth and make travel in the city safer and easier.

Renovated roads and safer emissions should boost driving work in the area as an easier and safer transport system should make driving around the city a lot more pleasant.

The projects include splitting Eastern Road into two lanes flowing southbound between Milton Road and Swordsands Road, replacing an existing traffic island with a Toucan crossing and modifying Milton Road's traffic lights to improve traffic flow and pedestrian crossing.

Pam Turton, the council's transport department's strategic manager, said to "The list is of the things we'd like to do in the next 12 months, though we have to send them out for consultation and then for tender by companies first.''

"We have had input from the public and our officers have worked around the city to see what our priorities should be. We believe they can help everyone in the city, car drivers, public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists."

This news comes as the £100m "exceptional payment" budget for potholes was doubled in this year's Budget, reports BBC News.

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