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New speed limits must be formally enforced

By: Deborah Bates
15 March 2011

The government must formally enforce the new 80 miles per hour (mph) speed limit on motorways, if proposals to make the change are given the green light, Transport Info has reported.

That's according to Phillip Hammond, the transport secretary, who made the comments on Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 show.

Hammond alleged that authorities could end up "turning a blind eye," without strictly enforcing the new speed limits: "Nobody wants to see road deaths going up. But we do have to have a certain logic."

The government representative also pondered the need for the changes, cited in The Daily Mail as saying: "Motorways are tremendously safe pieces of road."

"It is right and appropriate to look at whether increasing the speed limit on motorways would have benefits that outweighed any additional costs."

It is thought that the changes to motorway speed limits could be made as early as summer 2011; and form part of a wider road-safety strategy being implemented by the government.

If approved, the changes could mean further driver training is in order for logistics and transport professionals; as driving with a heavy load at this speed should be done in the safest way possible.

Hammond's opinion was echoed by Rob Gifford, who heads up the Parliamentary Advisory Committee for Transport Safety. Gifford claimed that enforcement would be an issue: "I don't think we can expect increased enforcement by police." 

However despite claims it would not be an effective move, it is thought that increasing the speed limit could in fact reduce the number of deaths on the roads; which would spark a positive turn of events for people throughout the UK. 

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