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New repair material could help road users

By: Ashley Curtis
11 May 2011

Scientists are attempting to develop a quick-setting road repair substance in a bid to cut disruption caused by road works, reports Construction Enquirer.

The new substance, which could help drivers at a logistics consultancy reach their destination without fuss, is being studied by the Transport Research Laboratory who have been handed a £1m fund to develop the technology.

The 18-month project by the TRL will "look at innovative engineering techniques" which could see utilities use "temporary road surfacing methods and fast-setting replacements road surfaces."

The substance would allow contractors to carry out more work during quieter periods and re-open roads during peak periods to allow traffic to flow thus reducing delays and disruption.

Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond told he empathises with logistics professionals and travellers who get delayed by road works: "Everyone knows how frustrating the delays caused by road works can be, which is why we want utilities and local authorities to be able to make the most of the technology available to help keep disruption to a minimum.''

"This project will investigate how innovative engineering can provide greater flexibility and allow more road works to be carried out at times when the travelling public will be least inconvenienced."

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