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New fuel-saving device invented

By: Joe Elvin
08 April 2011

An impressive new fuel-saving device has attracted the attention of a number of logistics firms.

The Eco-Cat, invented by Derek Foxcroft, claims to reduce fuel consumption by around 28 per cent and is already in use within a number of logistics companies.

Once fitted to a petrol, diesel or biofuel engine, the bolt-on device works by refining the fuel inside resulting in decreased MPG and emissions.

Foxcroft is now in extended talks to open a manufacturing facility in The Tees Valley area which could allow the Eco-Cat to become an essential purchase for all companies which provide driving work.

A former logistics firm owner, Foxcroft proudly told The Northern Echo that although the device also works on small cars, he believes it will be most appreciated by firms which use commerical vehicles.

He said of the technology: "I am also a consumer and got fed up with paying high prices for petrol and diesel. As a business person, I don't like paying high prices for fuel when it is made up of duty so I decided to do something about it.

"Some of the businesses who have come to talk to us have been phenomenal and we have two potential large orders." reports that versions of the Eco-Cat are also being developed for trains and ships. The ship version could see emissions on merchant vessels cut by around 7 per cent.


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