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New blood "vital" to logistics future

By: Chris Taylor
21 July 2011

Further investment is needed in the logistics training sector or there could be a future skills shortage, warns an influential industry body.

The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has expressed concern at the lack of support facilitating the training of the next generation of logistics workers.

Speaking at the UKWA's AGM, chairman Derrick Potter, hailed the introduction of the industry's skill council - Skills for Logistics - but said that without investment, future vacancies could go unfilled.

"With an ageing workforce and a perception among those currently in education that logistics does not offer an attractive career path, the sector may well find itself facing a skills shortage in the near future," said Potter, according to

"It is therefore vitally important that we begin to attract young people and bring a greater diversity of skills into the sector."

"One of UKWA's key objectives over the coming years will be to encourage members to engage with Skills for Logistics to develop logistics related apprenticeship schemes that will attract Government funding," he added.

According to, Potter is one of the most influential people within the logistics sector and has a wealth of experience across many different forms of transport. As a former director of the Rail Freight Group, his concerns can be assumed to be shared with the rest of the logistics community.

"I believe most employers understand the importance of developing the skills of their workforce but, generally, supply chain companies have been slow to invest," continued Potter, who explained that for this reason, securing funding for Skills for Logistics is vital for future prosperity.

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