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National speed limit could be increased to 80mph

By: Joe Elvin
03 October 2011

Ministers are set to debate increasing the national speed limit to 80mph.

Transport secretary Phillip Hammond has stated that advances in motoring technology have made it safe to increase the limit set back in 1965.

He claims the increase will benefit the economy by "hundreds of millions of pounds" by improving journey times and hastening the rate at which business can be completed. This would appear to be particularly beneficial to those in logistics companies jobs.

Speaking to BBC News, he said: "Cars are much safer, they have more sophisticated equipment now than they did 40 or so years ago. They are capable of driving safely at higher speeds.

"And the current limit has lost its legitimacy. We all know that many, many motorists who are otherwise law-abiding citizens routinely ignore the 70 miles per hour limit."

The move would bring the UK up to speed with other European countries such as France, Italy and Germany where the national speed limit is already at least 80mph.

Hammond acknowledged that the move may result in a slight increase in road-based fatalities, but argued that the economic benefits would outweigh this fact.

According to Sky News, the law would be become active in the UK by 2013 if it successfully passes a government consultation.

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