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Motorists should be considerate to HGV drivers

By: Deborah Bates
29 March 2011

Motorists should be more considerate of their fellow drivers - in particular those who operate heavy-goods vehicles (HGVs).

That's according to Cobra UK, a company which creates speed cameras. Its managing director, Andrew Smith, has spoken out about the difficulties facing HGV operators employed in driving or logistics work.

He claimed motorists needed to take into account the pressure HGV drivers were under, arguing: "Motorists often don't realise that HGVs are limited by law to 40mph when driving on single-lane roads - even though in some cases, a car could be allowed to travel at the national speed limit of 60mph."

"However, it's these same truckers that ensure the country runs smoothly, delivering everything from a superbly-stocked supermarket to a fully-fuelled station."

Speaking to the Fleet Directory, Smith also added some advice for drivers: "It's time car drivers remembered that they are not the kings of the road and instead put more energy into journey planning, to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely."

Smith's comments came shortly after he spoke out regarding the government's planned speed limit rise; wherein he echoed his opinion that safety was key for all motorists.

The expert told Fleet News that increasing the speed limits would take the emphasis away from safety, and instead put it on increased productivity and shorter journey times.

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