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Morrisons reduce petrol prices

By: Richard Towey
01 March 2012

Supermarket giant Morrisons has fought back against the rise in taxes for petrol by slashing their own price per litre by 15p.

The news comes in the wake of rivals Tesco announcing that they would be cutting their prices by 10p, but Morrisons' reduction now stands as the largest ever seen in the UK and is available to customers who spend over £60 in store.

Talking to, Marketing Director of Morrisons, Richard Lancaster stated: "We know how tough it is for our customers. This deal will help them in tough economical times."

"Nobody has ever knocked this much off a litre of fuel before. This will make a real difference for our customers."

There were concerns raised by commuters and those with driving jobs, as the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne threatened to raise prices by 3p - the latest in a string of recent increases.

The new price for a litre could come into affect as early as next month, much to the disapproval of Fairfuel UK and the RAC, who are organising protests against the proposals.

An article on highlighted that British drivers currently pay the highest fuel taxes in Europe, supporting the protests against the rise of fuel prices and pointing out that February 29, as a leap year extra day, will bring an extra £56.3million in revenue.


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