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More focus on driver issues required, says ABD

By: Paul Smithson
04 October 2011

The government should shift their focus away from its High Speed Rail (HSR) project and look at helping the UK's motorists, says a representative from the Association of British Drivers (ABD).

Brian MacDowall, campaign director at the organisation, remarked in the Yorkshire Post that 84 per cent of journeys in the country are made in cars, which means policies impacting motorists will have an effect on the majority of families.

As a result, he called on the roads minister to give people in driving jobs a break by pushing more investment into fixing potholes, developing more cost-effective road safety measures and reducing parking.

He added: "We are taxed five times over for the services we get. With many families under financial pressure, next year's potentially above-inflation rise in fuel duty should be the first to go."

While more than eight out of ten journeys are carried out in cars, Mr MacDowall claimed that just three per cent of the public will benefit from the HSR, yet it looks to bCheck Spellinge awarded a significant budget.

The issue of whether the HSR is a good idea for Britain has become a major issue for the coalition government, reported The Guardian, which noted that it is striking at the heart of the Conservative Party's localism agenda.

People who oppose the rail link are claiming that David Cameron and his cabinet only want to empower local authorities when it suits them, rather than when a national infrastructure project has detractors.

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