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Manchester transport plans unveiled

By: Ashley Curtis
12 April 2011

Manchester authorities have unveiled their 15 year vision for the future of the area's transport, reports

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee have released their Local Transport Plan which covers the strategic development of Greater Manchester's transport network.

The plans defines how Transport for Greater Manchester is going to "improve travel locally over the next few years and how it will provide a viable, sustainable and accessible transport network capable of supporting the region's long-term economic growth."

It is hoped that transport growth will boost logistics work in the surrounding area as well as making the area a safe place to travel for both industry workers and the general public.

Among the proposals are plans to expand the Metrolink network to reach Manchester Airport, Ashton-under-Lyne, East Didsbury and Oldham and Rochdale town centres. Plans to expand the network further will also be developed.

Manchester Evening News reports that Greater Manchester is also leading the nation in the drive to get greener, more environmentally-friendly buses.

Transport Minister Norman Baker hailed the new plans, claiming: "My vision is for a transport system that cuts carbon and creates growth. [Low carbon buses] represent an important and developing industry - both in this country and throughout the world - which has the potential to create jobs and boost economic growth."

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