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MP supports fuel duty lobbyists

By: Chris Taylor
17 June 2011

A Conservative MP has publicly stated that he is supporting drivers by backing the FairFuelUK campaign, a group who are lobbying against further hikes at the pump.

Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, is calling on the government to investigate why fuel pump prices remain high despite recent falls in the price of oil, reports.

In a parliamentary debate, he echoed the thoughts of thousands in the driver recruitment sector by saying that "petrol and diesel are necessities for everyone in my own community and for the whole country."

"I made the case in the strongest possible terms that there should be no more rises in fuel duty during the rest of this Parliament. A key aim of the FairFuelUK campaign" he told ministers.

The FairFuelUK are aiming to collect 1,000,000 signatures in support of no further fuel duty rises this Parliament. They also wish to have parity with European fuel duty taxation and set up a Fair Fuel price stabiliser.

FairFuelUK is supported by the Road Haulage Association, the Freight Transport Association, Commercial Motor, Motor Transport and, according to

"This debate was just the start of a long battle in Parliament," says FairFuelUK founder Peter Carroll.

"All our recent polling quite clearly shows that the cost of fuel is right at the top of people's agenda. We urge everyone who is suffering from the effects of high fuel prices to sign up their support," he added.

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