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London 2012 could cause logistical nightmare

By: Ashley Curtis
10 August 2011

A "huge influx" of visitors descending on the capital for the 2012 Olympic Games has given Transport for London a logistical headache.

Event Magazine reports that a number of traffic lanes, parking bays, loading bays and other roads will be closed, partially open or only open to athletes during the Games, those in driving jobs will be interested to learn.

In addition, an Olympic Route Network (ORN) will run through key areas of central London in order to help athletes get between their accommodation, training and competition venues.

However, the institution hasn't quite figured out how to solve the problem of overcrowding on the tube network, as the underground will become very familiar to the hundreds of thousands of Olympics' fans that will descend on the capital.

Peter Hendy, London's Transport Commissioner, elaborates on the changes: "Central London's transformation into a major sporting venue does mean that some changes need to be made to roads and footways, and the maps and other information we've published today are the result of the work TfL and Westminster City Council have done to find the safest and most effective way to manage the area during the Games."

Security plans could also cause a headache for drivers as widespread rioting continues to raise the question of the competency of London's police but Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson told The Telegraph that rioters were not a "new, emerging security threat" the Olympics should deal with.

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