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Logistics sector "unprepared" for Olympics

By: Deborah Bates
02 August 2011

Many businesses with a focus on logistics work feel "unprepared" for the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Freight Transport Association has claimed.

The association, otherwise known as the FTA, has thus advised the logistics industry as a whole to "do all it can" to prepare for the upcoming rise in demand.

As it stands, fewer than five per cent of the logistics providers surveyed by the FTA believe they are "totally prepared" for next year's Games, revealed. Some 40 per cent claimed they were "not at all prepared", particularly when it comes to staff numbers and vehicle availability.

Perhaps most worryingly, one-third of those spoken to by the FTA said they didn't even know how the Games Lanes or Olympic Route Network would work.

This is something that needs to be tackled, which the FTA's head of policy for London, Natalie Chapman, confirmed on

She claimed: "Commercial vehicle operators need to know which roads will be affected and in what ways - for example, will left-hand turns be banned or will loading and unloading restrictions be imposed?

"How else can they be expected to keep up with the additional strain on demand that the Olympics is set to bring? The logistics sector can't rise to the challenge unless it knows the parameters within which it is supposed to operate."

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